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the Internship

The Internship

XOoey, as an Indonesian electronic product design company, opens internship programs for universities or vocational schools students.

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College Student
Electrical Engineering
Informatics Engineering
Product / Graphic Design
D3 / Vocational School
Computer network Engineering
Software engineering
Embedded Systems
Product Design
Mobile Programming
Information Systems
Graphic design
Offered Topics
Designing electro-medical devices. Topics include integration of sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, and performing signal analysis
Product Design. The topic of designing product casings so that they can be mass-produced.
Design various IoT products and applications. Including network architecture, UI/UX, cloud, database, and more
Designing AI-based products. Apply various AI algorithms for detection, object classification.
Fill out the internship form
Application letter from university / school
CV and academic transcripts
Requirements file sent to